Shock Effect Fawn Stabilizer helps fight harmful pathogens in the gut such as e-coli and helps maintain a balanced PH level.

A microencapsulated beneficial bacteria designed for use in milk replacers and water systems. This all-natural probiotic has been specifically formulated to help maintain a fawn's body condition and immune system. Factors such as diet, stress and microbial population in the gut contribute to the rumen's efficiency and its ability to process nutrients. Fawn Stabilizer can improve rumen health by promoting a diverse microbial population capable of more efficiently utilizing carbohydrates, proteins and fatty acids. Maintaining the proper microbial population is critical for a deer's overall health, and the key to maximizing nutrition.

One pound container of Fawn Stabilizer contains approximately 454 servings.

Feed fawns 1 scoop mixed in the bottle twice daily.


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