Give Your Fawns The Proper Nutrition They Deserve

1482 TraceMax Fawn Starter This is a nutritionally balanced, mini-pelleted feed formulated to be fed to bottle-raised fawns or elk calves in confinement to achieve better growth rates. It provides 20% protein, 4.5% fat, and no more than 8% fiber along with minerals in addition to complexed (organic) forms of zinc, copper, manganese, and cobalt along with vitamins A, D, and natural-source vitamin E plus B-complex vitamins. Also included in the formulation is CitriStim*, PrimaLac, and PremiDex.

A Supplement for Starting Deer Fawns

Features and Benefits

Multiple protein sources

Provides needed protein for fast, efficient growth of young deer and elk. Protein sources include rumen degradable and by-pass proteins, which increase forage digestion and supply an array of amino acids for absorption, positively impacting growth rate.

Provides stabilized rice bran

Provides rice oil (energy source), gamma oryzanol (potent antioxidant), and Omega 3 fatty acid (essential fatty acid).

Complexed (organic) trace minerals

More readily available compared to inorganic mineral sources, which could be crucial to stressed deer/elk; gives an edge on mineral absorption.

Balanced mineral-vitamin package

Balanced macro- and micro-minerals help optimize forage digestion and growth. Vitamins A, D, and E provide enhanced benefits along with the inclusion of B-complex vitamins which are needed for a host of metabolic functions.


An ADM proprietary feed ingredient which is a source of yeast mannans and beta glucans that may favorably impact the gut microbial population.


ADM animal research has shown positive effects on performance, resulting from beneficial changes of gut microflora.

Portion of vitamin E is natural-source

Research shows natural-source vitamin E has more potent antioxidant activity compared with synthetic vitamin E; antioxidant properties counteract harmful free radicals produced within the body; helps maintain cell membrane and tissue integrity; needed for proper functioning of the immune system.

Enzyme Blend W

A highly concentrated source of digestive enzymes designed to enhance the digestion of feed. Powerful hydrolyzing activity of the enzymes transform feed components into more usable nutrent forms. Studies with another specie documents bone structure enhancement and deposition of more muscle.

Antler D*

Supplemental form of vitamin D3 which does not have to be processed in the liver, thus provides a more direct and available vitamin D metabolite. Providing a more direct form of vitamin D3 is favorable for better utilization of calcium and phosphorus which is crucial for bone integrity; may result in better bone and antler growth and strength along with fewer skeletal problems.

Direct fed microbia

Helps maintain proper microorganism balance in the gut, leading to more efficient utilization of feedstuffs.

Palatable, mini-pelleted form

Encourages feed intake; easy to feed, less feed waste, and easily consumed by young deer/elk.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein, min.20.0% Salt, min./max.0.25-0.75%
Crude Fat, min.4.5% Copper, min./max.50-70 ppm
Crude Fiber, max.8.0% Selenium, min.0.45 ppm
Calcium, min./max.0.75-1.25% Vitamin A, min.7,200 IU/lb
Phosphorus, min.0.5%   

This product is a feed grade item produced at a feed mill.


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